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3rd Annual Ground Zero Animation EXPO

Art by @steph_oble, Stephanie Garcia

Art by @steph_oble, Stephanie Garcia

Dates are not set in stone, but plan on 6/16-6/17/2018. Tickets will go on sale in December 2017. We will have small events planned for 2017, so be sure to follow!

Attend this one of a kind animation event. We have professionals to share tips & tricks on breaking into the industry, notes on portfolio composition, 2D animation discussions, and more! Our panelists range from artists in major studios, freelance, stop motion, gaming studios and more. 

Looking to get your foot in the door, make your own animation, freelance, dive into storyboarding, layout, production, etc? Interested in meeting professionals to ask your questions and purchase amazing art from them? Then this is the event for you! 

The Animation Alley room will be filled with the panelists selling their own work, sharing about future projects and meeting with you one on one. Outdoors you will find the Up & Coming Animation Alley area to see new talent & those about to be discovered!

Panels are exclusive to those who purchase the floor/panel tickets. Limited space for panels, so make sure you get your tickets and be in line for each panel early. Make sure you keep an eye on our website/social media to get updates and find out what panels/workshops you want to attend.

Since we have extended our event to 2 days, we will be offering a few workshops as well. These tickets will go on sale a bit later in this year and will be an additional ticket you must purchase. We will be posting updates once we know our workshops. You can find updates on our social media and website: @gzaexpo on Instagram and Facebook.

Select the ticket to have your portfolio reviewed. Only 10 portfolio reviews on each day. Meet 1 on 1 with a professional who will look through your work to give you advice and answer questions you may have.

This event caters to ages 16 and up, but is open to all ages. 


Throughout the year we will be posting on this page what to expect for the 3rd annual EXPO, events, workshops and lectures leading up to the event and more. 


QUESTIONS? Please email us at