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The Artist Lodge & Stranger Things Tribute Gallery

This month's Artist Lodge will not only host 14 awesome vendors selling their art and handmade items, but will feature the STRANGER GALLERY, a tribute to Netflix's original series and instant hit, "Stranger Things". 

The Lodge and gallery are open from 4pm-9pm, meet the gallery artists at 7pm and enjoy an amazing raffle at 8pm (must be present). We will also offer 2 live cosplay drawing workshops throughout the night - $3 per person to draw the model (model will recieve 100% of the funds)

At these monthly Artist Lodge events, fan*alley hopes to create a "Comic Con" style atmosphere with an Artist Alley, one night galleries, signings, live drawing, food vendors and more. If this seems like something you'd be into, please check it out! 

We love when folks spread the word because sharing is caring! Support your local artists!

Stranger Things Gallery Flyer by Tanoshiboy: Dennis Salvatier. Dennis' art can be found at the Stranger Gallery.