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Ground Zero Cosplay EXPO

 Welcome to an Expo for cosplayers, made by cosplayers. If you are interested in making props, sewing your own costumes, special FX makeup and more then please join us at the Ground Zero Cosplay EXPO presented by Fan*Alley.

You may be asking why a Cosplay EXPO? After going to a few panels at conventions as well as speaking to a few people from the industry, we realized that there wasn't something quite like this yet. An event where cosplayers could get detailed, one-on-one interaction with other people and their process. Often times at conventions we are all too busy to have those in depth conversations on how a costume or prop is made.

There will be plenty of panels about where to start and how to increase your skill set from very talented cosplayers willing to share their first hand knowledge and experiences. We will also be offering demos and workshops so you can watch step-by-step how to replicate these techniques at home! 

The EXPO will also offer a small Artists Alley area promoting some amazing artists as well as a Cosplay Corner where you can talk to the cosplayers and buy their wares. 

This will be a very small event meant to bring the community closer and learn from each other!